Millennium Development Goals

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How far are we?

løber_minipicGet a quick overview of how far we are in the fight against poverty.


In 2000 world leaders agreed to cooperate for a better world. The eight Millennium Development Goals were the first landmark towards eradicating the global poverty and need.

Goal 1 is about reducing the number of poor people in the world; goal 2 is about getting all children to school; and goal 3 is about promoting equal rights for girls and boys, men and women; goals 4 and 5 are about reducing child and maternal mortality; goal 6 is about combating the spread of diseases such as malaria, HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis; goal 7 is about ensuring sustainable environment; and goal 8 is focusing on increased global cooperation for development, trade and debt remission.

Every year we see new challenges and progress, and here you can follow the development.