Become a Partner and Make a Simple Difference


Helle Johansen

Helle Johansen
UNDP NORDIC Representation Office

M: 20 51 77 30

As a partner, your company makes a simple but important difference in the fight against poverty. You are telling people that the development aid is helping and that together, we can fight global poverty. This is a positive message that is essential to spread.

We wish to reach as many people as possible. That is why we need your help to spread the Worlds Best News, as the campaign does not have the resources to buy ad-space.

Make Your Company’s Social Commitment Visible

As a partner for the Worlds Best News your company is offered an opportunity to tell about your social commitments – whether your focus is on poverty reduction, environmental change or something else.

If you are a Global Compact company, this campaign is a simple opportunity to effectuate your commitment.

5 Good Reasons for Being a Partner

  1. You support a cause, which most Danes have sympathy for.
  2. You are an active partner of the UN, Danida and known Danish NGOs in one single campaign.
  3. You can communicate CSR initiatives or ethical attitudes for employees and customers, and you can use World’s Best News logo on your products, ads and other materials.
  4. You have a ray of opportunities to use the partnership and campaign logo for different types of your own campaign activities.
  5. Campaign participation may be entered in the annual Global Compact reporting.