About World’s Best News

World's Best News is an independent news organisation for constructive journalism about solutions and progress in global development.

World's Best News in a Nutshell

World's Best Morning

In addition to our journalistic work, World’s Best News also features a series of campaign initiatives, workshops, and events throughout the year. This often happens in cooperation with our strong partners, such as Roskilde Festival and other civil society and private sector organisations.

Once a year, we organise a large nationwide morning event in Denmark where several thousand volunteers hand out a newspaper with a selection of our news. Throughout the years, our morning event has been a popular event with politicians from all over the political spectrum, international ambassadors in Denmark, and enthusiasts from organisations and private sector companies. The morning event always takes place in early September.






World’s Best News is an independent news organisation for constructive journalism and campaigns. We report on progress and sustainable solutions to challenges in global development.

Our work is based on the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, which address some of the world’s biggest challenges, such as extreme poverty, global inequality, and climate change.

World’s Best News’s mission is to help people achieve a more nuanced view of the world. We believe that nuances and knowledge create hope – and that hope brings motivation for action. We want to make the Global Goals known by as many people as possible. When people know the goals, they are able to hold our political leaders accountable and make sure they deliver results. When more people know about the progress and solutions the world already has available, the more people may help these solutions to be implemented.

Our background

World’s Best News began in 2010 as an awareness campaign. Backing the initiative was the Danish development network Global Focus, DANIDA (The Danish Development Cooperation), and the UN. Studies showed that the Danish population knew little about developing countries and global development in general – and that people often believed that the state of global development was much worse than it actually is in a number of areas, such as poverty reduction, disease control, and war and conflict. The purpose of the campaign was to inform the Danes in a simple and constructive manner about global progress, the UN’s Millennium Development Goals, and Danish development cooperation.

By 2016, the World’s Best News was founded as an independent association of actors from different areas: the UN, the Danish development organizations and the Danish private sector. We are a non-profit organisation, and our funds come primarily from Danida, membership contributions, EU funds, and private contributions.

Constructive journalism on many platforms

We use constructive journalism to write news stories on global development. This means that while we focus on progress, potential and solutions, but that we also describe challenges and problems. We are editorially independent.

We regularly publish news on this website, as well as on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We also write a monthly international analysis published in the Danish daily newspaper Jyllands-Posten, and every Friday you can read (in Danish) one of our articles in the free newspaper Metroxpress, which has been a regular media partner since 2010. Every week, we also deliver three ultra-short news telegrams that are displayed on the info screens of the Copenhagen commuter trains.

Since 2015, the World’s Best News has partnered with the EU Commission (DEVCO) to convey news on progress, development, and the Global Goals to all Europeans. The World’s Best News is therefore also published once a year throughout the EU in all the languages ​​of all the Member States. World’s Best News, as a concept, has spread to other European countries as well. We currently have sister organisations in The Netherlands and Norway.