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Ebola stopped again: A new outbreak of Ebola in DR Congo has been stopped before it could spread. Four people died before health workers tracked down and stopped the disease.

Tanzania saves kids in traffic: Some areas of Tanzania have achieved 26 percent fewer road accidents involving children, after traffic speeds were lowered in areas close to schools.

Malawi bans child marriage: To give girls a chance to grow up to be more than mothers, the parliament of Malawi has raised the legal age of marriage from 15 to 18 years.

Togo stops grotesque disease: After years of effort, the country of Togo has successfully stopped transmission of the disease elephantiasis, which handicaps people by swelling their limbs.

Liberian women for law and order: Women now account for 17 percent of the police force in Liberia, tripling their share since 2007. Worldwide, about 10 percent of officers are female.

Bounty against corruption: To fight corruption, Nigeria has introduced a bounty of up to five percent of any missing public funds recovered by whistleblowers.

Youth peacefully end dictatorship: 22 years of dictatorship has come to an end in the West African nation of The Gambia, as the people successfully vote for change in a peaceful election.

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