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France bans whale breeding: In France, it’s now forbidden to breed whales in captivity to use them for whale shows. Whales already in captivity must be given substantially bigger pools.

Towards mine-free Falklands: A team of experienced deminers from Zimbabwe have now cleared more than 7 million square metres of previous minefields on the windy Falklands Islands.

End of landmines in Belarus: The last of Belarus’ 3 million landmines have now been destroyed. This makes Belarus the 159th country in the world to get rid of the insidious weapons.

Smart idea makes cities more clean: Barcelona is testing a new idea to make parts of the city nearly free of cars. This makes the air cleaner and people can use the roads for other things.

Ireland to sell off dirty assets: Taking action against climate change, the Irish parliament has passed a law to drop coal, oil, and gas investments from the Ireland Stategic Investment Fund.

Dutch trains now run on wind power: In the Netherlands, all trains now run on green power from wind turbines. Part of the electricity comes from Scandinavia.

Poland recycles all landmines: As the 158th country Poland has now destroyed all its landmines, many of which were of the type "hand grenade on a stick". They were dismantled and reused for peaceful purposes.

Poland recycles all landmines: As the 158th country in the world, Poland has now destroyed all its landmines. They were taken apart and the materials reused for peaceful purposes.