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Chile gains abortion rights: Women in Chile have now gained the right to abortion if they have been victims of rape, if the foetus cannot survive, or if the woman’s life is in danger.

No drilling in coral sea: The Caribbean country of Belize has permanently banned oil exploration in and around its coral reefs.

More jaguars in Argentina: The number of jaguars in Argentina’s coastal forest has doubled since 2005. Cameras placed in nature show that between 71 and 107 jaguars now live in the area.

River wins lawsuit: The river Rio Atrato in Colombia has won the right to protection and restoration. The verdict is seen as a victory for nature and indigenous people.

Islands ban child marriage: The small Caribbean state Trinidad and Tobago has banned child marriage. Previously, girls as young as 11 years of age were married off to much older men.

Good news for pint-sized porpoise: To save the vaquita, a tiny species of porpoise, Mexico’s government has now permanently banned the use of gillnets in the area. Only about 30 vaquitas remain.

Escaping poverty through the kitchen

El Salvador bans all metal mining: El Salvador becomes the first country in the world to ban all metal mining. The decision aims to protect the country’s diminishing water sources from pollution.

Bright idea saves jaguars: Paraguay protects its jaguars using solar-powered lamps. The light keeps jaguars from killing cattle at night and stops landowners from killing the jaguars.

Female cops against corruption: In parts of Mexico, female cops have taken over traffic control. Corruption complaints have decreased by 98 percent, according to the BBC.

Peru works more with less paperwork: Peru has removed 150 unnecessary procedures for setting up a tourist business. Investors now save 3 years of paperwork, and this is expected to create jobs.

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Sea turtles make comeback after years on the brink

100 percent clean energy in Costa Rica

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Solar power boost for Bolivia

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