Constructive journalism

It’s deeply ingrained in ‘classical’ journalism to focus on conflicts and problems in society. But while being critical is essential to all objective reporting, it often gets out of hand in mainstream media, leading to extremely negative ‘breaking news’ that revolve around wars, hunger, and natural disasters. While big disasters are surely part of reality, such news stories do not show the whole picture.

One of the consequences of one-sided news reporting is that people in Denmark have now developed an overly negative idea of life developing countries. But the situation is actually quite a lot better in many countries than what most people in Denmark believe.

Rather than subscribing to a dystopian world view on one hand, or glossing over the world’s problems on the other, World’s Best News is using constructive journalism to illustrate the progress being made in the developing regions in recent decades. We remain editorially independent, but often cooperate with NGOs and the private sector to research and write news about development issues and solutions from all over the world.

Our constructive journalism is based on:

  • a focus on progress, possibilites and solutions to the big challenges facing the world today
  • a critical but not negative approach
  • adding perspective and looking at global trends – telling big stories through small examples
  • showing people who take action, rather than passive victims
  • building relations with our readership by inspiring hope and belief that we can change the world

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