Short News – Africa

More gorillas in the mist

Ten years ago, there were only 680 mountain gorillas left in the world. But thanks to intensive conservation efforts, there are now more than 1000.

More contraception in Mali

In 1990, only 9 percent of women in the African country of Mali had access to modern contraception. Today, it’s 38 percent.

Botswana fights AIDS

Botswana has reduced the amount of deaths caused by AIDS by a third since 2010. The country is making treatment available for everyone.

Fewer elephants get killed

In 2011, 10 percent of Africa’s elephants were killed by poachers, but in 2017, fewer than 4 percent were illegally killed, according to new study.

First malaria vaccine tested

The world’s first vaccine against malaria is now being tested in a large trial in Malawi, Kenya, and Ghana.

Baby elephant abduction ban

An international agreement has made it illegal to take wild elephant cubs from their parents and selling them off to zoos worldwide.

Senegal plants wet forest

During the last decade, The West African country of Senegal has planted 152 million new mangrove trees.

Nigeria now free from polio

This week, Nigeria marks three years without any new cases of the paralysing disease polio. An extensive vaccination campaign has ended the disease.

Sudan breaks its vaccine record

13 million children in Sudan are now vaccinated against diseases such as measles and polio. Not since 2014 has the number been this high.

Ethiopia plants millions of trees

In just one day, Ethiopia has planted 350 million new trees, as part of a drive to recreate the country’s lost forests and fight climate change.

Scientists map HIV

A new study has produced a very detailed map of where most of the Africans infected by HIV live. The mapping can help focus efforts against the deadly disease.

Less HIV in Nigeria

A recent survey indicates that the prevalence of HIV in Nigeria may be only half of previous estimates. This makes it more feasible to defeat the disease.