Short News – Europe

Norwegian electric vehicle record

The Norwegian city of Bergen now holds the world record for electric vehicles. 19.1 percent of the city’s cars are electric.

Air pollution deaths halved

The number of yearly deaths caused by air pollution in Europe has more than halved since 1990. The improvement is due to cleaner industry and vehicles.

Europe powering past coal

For the first time ever, Europe is expected to generate more electricity this year from renewable energy sources than from coal.

Europeans support development aid

Nearly 9 out of every 10 Europeans support international cooperation to help developing countries.

Scotland sets new climate target

With not a single vote against, the Scottish parliament has adopted a new climate target: 75 percent less CO2 emission in 2030.

Russians drink less

Alcohol consumption in Russia has decreased by 43 percent since 2003, and smoking has also gone down. Life expectancy in Russia has increased significantly.

British law against trophy import

The British Government plans to ban the import of trophies from endangered species, in order to protect animals such as elephants and lions.

Eagles soar once more above England

White-tailed eagles are now returning to England after being absent for 240 years. Six eagles will be released annually on the Isle of Wight.

Plastic bag fees work

Five years ago, each person in England used 140 supermarket plastic bags annually. This number has now dropped to 10 bags a year, after bags stopped being free.

Cleaner air in London

Particle pollution has decreased by 45 percent in central London, since only low-emission cars were allowed to enter the city centre.

France taxes air traffic for climate

Air fares in France will become up to 18 euro more expensive, due to a new tax. The revenue is to be invested in rail transport.

A greener and more pleasant land

Over the next two years, an additional 130,000 trees are to be planted in English towns and cities, in order to fight climate change and make life more pleasant.