Short News – Global

World powering up

The number of people worldwide without access to electricity decreased last year from 1000 million to 860 million. Most of the progress happened in India.

More tolerance of LGBT

The world has generally become significantly more tolerant of sexual minorities over the last decade, according to a survey conducted in 167 countries.

More safe places to step

Since 2014, the countries of the world have cleared around 800 square kilometres of landmines.

World coal use decreasing rapidly

The total use of coal to generate electricity is set to decrease by 3 percent this year. This amounts to the total coal use by Germany, UK, and Spain combined.

Insulin prices to come down

The World Health Organization will now test and approve generic versions of insulin. The aim is to make insulin affordable to diabetics in developing countries.

Wind power costs slashed

The cost of wind power has been halved since 2010. During the same period, the cost of solar power has decreased by 85%.

Bank account boom

Since 2011, 1.2 billion more people have managed to open a bank account. This helps them save up money for opportunities and to resist shocks.

Child marriages prevented

25 million child marriages have been prevented in the past 10 years, thanks to better education and political focus.

More children grow up healthy

Since 1990, the number of children suffering from stunting has decreased from 253 million to 149 million.

Far fewer die from AIDS

Since 2010, the number of aids deaths in the world have decreased by a third. Better access to medicine plays a big part.

Millions of new teachers

Since 2011, the World Bank International Development Association (IDA) has helped train 8.5 million new teachers and trainers in developing countries.

Countries to stop plastic exports

Most nations have now agreed to stop exporting plastic waste to other countries, especially in Asia, where it often ends up in nature.