Short News – Middle East

Better education in Asia

In East Asia and the Middle East, many people now get a higher education than their parents. This fights poverty, reduces inequality, and even boosts growth.

Brightening up Afghanistan

Today, more than 84% of Afghans have access to electricity. When the Taliban ruled the country in 2000, fewer than 1% had access.

Saudi women demand their freedom

After the driving ban for women was lifted in Saudi Arabia, 15,000 activists have set their sights on a new target - to end male guardianship over women.

More refugees return home in Iraq

For the first time since 2013, more Iraqis have now returned home than remain displaced, thanks to an improved security situation in parts of the country.

End of rape marriages

Lebanon, Tunisia, and Jordan have now scrapped a law that previously made it possible for a rapist to avoid persecution by forcing the victim to marry him.