Short News – North America

US smoking hits record low

Fewer than one in seven Americans now smoke cigarettes; this is the lowest share in 50 years.

Cleaner air saves lives

In the USA, annual deaths from air pollution were nearly halved from 1990 to 2010, according to new data. The change follows action for cleaner air.

Large Arctic ecosystem preserved

Canada has decided to protect an arctic area the size of Germany. Polar bears, narwhals, and seals are some of the creatures living in the area.

Wind surpasses coal in Texas

The state of Texas has for the first time in history produced more energy from wind than coal. Texas is the largest consumer of energy in the United States.

Earth to earth, ashes to soil

There’s now a more environmentally friendly alternative to being buried or cremated. The state of Washington has made it legal to compost bodies after death.

DNA solves poop mysteries

In the USA, DNA testing is now being increasingly used to track down dog owners who don’t dispose properly of their dog’s excrement.

Foto: CCBY Christopher Michel

Whales to avoid crab nets

California shortens the season for crab fishing. This is meant to result in fewer whales getting entangled in crab nets during mating season.

Half of US coal mines shut down

In just ten years, half of all coal mines in the USA have been shut down. This is partly due to less demand for coal, due to competition from renewable energy.

Cities act on air pollution

Air pollution decreased in more than half of cities in Europe and in the Americas between 2010 and 2016.

Young Americans want clean energy

In the United States, more than half of young people support the Green New Deal, a political proposal to create jobs by investing in renewable energy.

Oregon beats own recycling record

Recycling rates for bottles in Oregon have increased from 64% to 90% in just two years. The increase comes after the state doubled the deposit to 10 cents.

Rising climate awareness in the USA

More than six out of every ten Americans now realise that the global climate is changing due to human activity. That’s an increase of ten points since 2015.