Short News

Plastic ban in Guatemala

Guatemala has decided to ban plastic bags and a range of single-use disposable plastic products.

More contraception in Mali

In 1990, only 9 percent of women in the African country of Mali had access to modern contraception. Today, it’s 38 percent.

Scotland sets new climate target

With not a single vote against, the Scottish parliament has adopted a new climate target: 75 percent less CO2 emission in 2030.

Bank account boom

Since 2011, 1.2 billion more people have managed to open a bank account. This helps them save up money for opportunities and to resist shocks.

Toilets for everybody in Nepal

According to the prime minister of Nepal, the country has now achieved universal sanitation. All 77 districts report that they have ended open defecation.

Russians drink less

Alcohol consumption in Russia has decreased by 43 percent since 2003, and smoking has also gone down. Life expectancy in Russia has increased significantly.

Child marriages prevented

25 million child marriages have been prevented in the past 10 years, thanks to better education and political focus.

Botswana fights AIDS

Botswana has reduced the amount of deaths caused by AIDS by a third since 2010. The country is making treatment available for everyone.

British law against trophy import

The British Government plans to ban the import of trophies from endangered species, in order to protect animals such as elephants and lions.

More children grow up healthy

Since 1990, the number of children suffering from stunting has decreased from 253 million to 149 million.

Fewer elephants get killed

In 2011, 10 percent of Africa’s elephants were killed by poachers, but in 2017, fewer than 4 percent were illegally killed, according to new study.

Poor families get cleaner cooking

Since 2016, India has installed gas for cooking in the kitchens of 80 million poor households, helping them avoid harmful smoke from open cooking fires.