Short News

Australia rejects new coal mine

For the second time, authorities in Australia have refused to allow the opening of a new coal mine, citing concerns about the environment and the climate.

Cleaner air in India

In just four years, the air has become markedly cleaner in the Indian megacity of Delhi, helped by a ban on burning trash in the streets.

First malaria vaccine tested

The world’s first vaccine against malaria is now being tested in a large trial in Malawi, Kenya, and Ghana.

Baby elephant abduction ban

An international agreement has made it illegal to take wild elephant cubs from their parents and selling them off to zoos worldwide.

Far fewer die from AIDS

Since 2010, the number of aids deaths in the world have decreased by a third. Better access to medicine plays a big part.

No more measles in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has now managed to completely get rid of the children’s disease measles. The island nation vaccinates nearly every child against the disease.

Cleaner air saves lives

In the USA, annual deaths from air pollution were nearly halved from 1990 to 2010, according to new data. The change follows action for cleaner air.

Senegal plants wet forest

During the last decade, The West African country of Senegal has planted 152 million new mangrove trees.

Eagles soar once more above England

White-tailed eagles are now returning to England after being absent for 240 years. Six eagles will be released annually on the Isle of Wight.

Green surplus in Costa Rica

Costa Rica produced more green energy in May than ever before and has therefore exported the excess green energy to other Central American countries.

Plastic bag fees work

Five years ago, each person in England used 140 supermarket plastic bags annually. This number has now dropped to 10 bags a year, after bags stopped being free.

Nigeria now free from polio

This week, Nigeria marks three years without any new cases of the paralysing disease polio. An extensive vaccination campaign has ended the disease.