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EU declares 2015 ‘Year for Development’

Every year, the EU focuses on a specific priority. In 2015, for the first time, this focus will be outside the European borders, aiming to involve the Europeans in matters of international development. World’s Best News has been chosen as a strategic partner.


The year month by month

Each month is dedicated to a specific theme:

  • January: Europe in the world
  • February: Education
  • March: Women and girls
  • April: Health
  • May: Peace and security
  • June: Sustainable development, decent jobs and companies
  • July: Children and youth
  • August: Humanitarian aid
  • September: Demography and migration
  • October: Food security
  • November: Sustainable development and climate
  • December: Human rights and governance

Other categories

Region: Global

Theme: Humanitarian Aid

According to a new survey by Eurobarometer, public support for international development has gone up: 67 percent of European citizens now agree that the aid should be increased. And the EU is already the world’s biggest donor for international aid. These numbers were a positive backdrop for the European Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development, Neven Mimica, as he launched the European Year for Development today in Riga.

Europe as a target group

Thanks to several years of experience with creating just this kind of partnership between NGOs, private companies, the UN, and Danida (foreign aid by the Danish government), World’s Best News and Global Focus have been chosen to conduct the Danish part of the public awareness campaign.

“It’s remarkable and positive that the EU now for the first time chooses to focus on development for a whole continuous year. If we succeed in uniting youth, decision makers, civil society, and the private sector, it will create a huge potential for getting the development agenda across to a historic number of Europeans,” says Thomas Ravn-Pedersen, Head of MDG Campaign at World’s Best News.

A year of global development

2015 is also going to be a year of development globally. The UN Millennium Goals will reach their conclusion, and world leaders are set to agree on a new set of development goals. This time, the world goals will include all countries, and the overarching goal is to completely eliminate poverty worldwide.

In addition, 2015 will also see world leaders gather in Paris to adopt a binding agreement on climate change.

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