The UN’s Millennium Woman Visits Denmark

Corinne Woods is the Director of the UN Millennium Campaign, the woman behind the MY World survey and known to be trenchant and forward-looking. She is attending the World’s Best News’ kick-off event in March.


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Region: Denmark

In about 600 days we shall be approaching the finishing line for the Millennium Development Goals. Much has already been achieved, but unfortunately a few goals are lagging behind. For this reason, the World’s Best News has invited Corinne Woods from New York to Copenhagen in March to inform us about future plans.

For instance, the World’s Best News wants to ask Corinne Woods how the UN is preparing to end the era of the Millennium Development Goals, how to involve people in the world in the formulation of future goals and how Denmark and the World’s Best News can support the global goals? In her presentation, Corinne will use the UN’s Millennium Campaign as her starting point and welcomes questions from the audience.

The kick-off event of the World’s Best Newstakes place every spring. Together with our NGO support base we kickstart our campaign with presentations and workshops.

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